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PaySafe role in online gambling

Paysafecard is a banking solution, a prepaid option for online players. Casinos with paysafecard option allow you to use this method easily and instantly. The cards used at a paysafe casino have a 16-digit code you can use to pay or for making your withdrawals. It’s pretty much the same as your regular credit and debit cards, but with three amazing benefits:

Top list of PaySafe casinos

  • Playing at a paysafecard casino offers you safer and more secure online payment system;
  • Deposits at an online casino paysafe are instant;
  • Paysafecard accepted casino gives you the fastest cashouts available

Of course, let’s not forget that using this type of card for your betting expenses separates your budget from that of household expenses. This is crucial in organizing your finances and avoiding gambling addiction. Therefore, online casinos accepting paysafecard aren’t just easy and safe to use – they are also a great way to pay and handle your expenses in the best way possible.

Right now, there are over three thousand sites (some ot hem are listed here, including gambling sites that accept paysafe as a banking option for deposits and withdrawals. So, if you’re looking for a safe and effective method to win the jackpots and play the pokies, a paysafe casino is the right way to go.

How to make deposit in online casinos using a PaySafeCard

The company was launched in 2000 in Vienna. At the beginning, only Austrian customers were able to use this, but a year later, this expanded to Germany. Nowadays, it operates in 43 countries worldwide, making the number of paysafe casino sites enormous and still growing. As soon as people started seeing this fantastic banking solution, they’ve started looking for casino sites that accept paysafecard to make their payment and play games.

How does this work? How do you play at an online casino with paysafe deposit?

Instead of giving the site your credit or debit card details, you use the paysafecard vouchers. This gives the player full control over how much he’ll spend on paysafe casino games. Firstly, you need to purchase a voucher with an amount of your choice by using your cash. You can buy this from the company’s retailers that include supermarkets, shops, and petrol stations. This means that you can only use cash for transactions, therefore fully eliminating the need to show your banking details. If you want to buy it online, that’s an option, too.
Next, you need to find the best paysafecard online casino. You can find a mobile casino paysafecard if you prefer using your mobile device (both Android and iPhone) to gamble online. Once you do, all you need is the 16-digit pin to start playing at the casino using paysafecard.

Winnings withdrawing process with PaySafe

We have already established that depositing your money with the use of this new voucher system is extremely safe, but what happens when you win money at one of the paysafecard casino sites?
You are, in fact, able to make withdrawals by using the secure card on different platforms. However, make sure that the mobile casino paysafecard you are using allows for this option. Some casinos only allow certain payment methods to be used for one of the two.

PaySafeCard Application

To be able to gamble at paysafecard online casinos, you need to have a paysafecard. For this, you’ll need an account. So, how do you set up an account for paysafecard gambling?
If you visit the website of Paysafecard, you can easily register there. You just have to fill in their form and set up your personal account. They’ll require some personal information such as name, surname, address, and date of birth.
This only takes minutes and you’ll have the new card ready. If you wish to deposit your cash for transactions to the card on the web, you can do this within seconds, get your voucher, and use it at platforms of casinos accepting paysafecard.

What about deposit limits for gamblers in PaySafe Casinos?

The site you’ll be playing in will have its own limitations in terms of deposit and withdrawals. But, there’s also a limit as to how big a voucher you can get on your card.
When you buy a voucher to play games, it will be valid for a total of 12 months. If you don’t buy anything during this period, you’ll be deducted a fee of 2 Euros from your voucher. There are 10, 25, 50, and 100 Euro vouchers available for purchase. If you want to use more money to gamble, you can combine up to 10 pin codes and use a maximum of 1000 Euros.
This is just for your reference since you can buy vouchers with different currencies, too. The cards are available in European currency and allow you to transfer the funds on the website before using them.
When it comes to making a deposit at a minimum deposit paysafecard casino, you can often use the lowest available voucher the company offers. But, if you plan to gamble with more than 10 cards or over 1000 Euros, you might be prevented from doing so as per the regulations of the casinos. Therefore, if you’re trying to catch the big welcome paysafecard online casino bonus, this is as far as you can go.

PaySafe casinos advantages

This option is popular for a set of reasons. Here are the main advantages of using the vouchers at casinos:

  • You can purchase services and goods in different foreign currencies
  • This is a prepaid method, which helps you control your payroll
  • You can access your account at any time to manage your funds, both by using a browser or their apps
  • If the company allows for it, you can withdraw money by using the card
  • The card is one of the safest ways to gamble online since you won’t be providing your credit card information
  • You can transfer your winnings from the card to several e-wallets

PaySafeCard casino bonuses

The bonuses you’ll get at the websites where you’re making your deposit will depend on the company itself. Gambling on pokies and other games at a website that accepts this method will be determined by the casino, not the card. The only rules that Paysafecard has for its users are the ones we presented above.
As we said, this is a prepaid card that works by inserting a pin and using a voucher into a site that accepts the card. That’s the point where the job of Paysafe ends and the job of the site where you’re gambling begins. You can also choose the prepaid card to withdraw funds, but only as long as the site allows for it.


Where to find PaySafe Online Casino – Step-by-step guide

On our site, you’ll find out about the best sites that offer this new payment method. The sites we selected for you not only have this in their banking options, but they also share the same crucial features that make it a good choice. You aren’t only looking for a safe and effective payment method, but also quality gaming experience, great bonuses, and an excellent support service.

Where to Get PaySafeCard?

You can visit the Paysafe site to create your own profile and get a voucher to use for playing. Once you create your profile, you can purchase your electronic paysafecard and use the pin to gamble, or buy an actual card from the retail stores of the company. You’ll find all details about where and how you can purchase these on the site. If you choose to use this method, you’ll be able to deposit, sometimes even withdraw your balance to it. Then, you can use the site to transfer currencies or withdraw your balance to an e-wallet, not to mention continue playing the pokies and other popular games.